Role Model Team Details

2017 Role Model Team Photoshoot | Little Black Dress Theme | Destinee Stark Photography | Akron, Ohio


What is a senior rep team?

Traditionally, a senior rep is a team of high school juniors and/or seniors that represent a specific photographer for the summer before their senior year through graduation. Typically, they receive special incentives and discounts for encouraging their friends and classmates to book a senior session with the photographer that they are representing.

How is The Role Model Team different from a traditional senior rep program?

The difference is that the mission behind The Role Model Team, is to spread kindness, encouragement and humility, learn leadership skills, make a difference in the community and lives of others, and have fun! Also, Role Model Team members will be able to participate in exclusive photoshoot opportunities that are not available to the public. Each Role Model Team member will have an exclusive, custom senior portrait experience and have a ton of fun while doing so. Being a Role Model for Destinee Stark Photography is about setting a positive example for other young teens. There will still be plenty of benefits, including the opportunity to earn credit towards your own senior portrait collection, but that comes second to being a positive leader and Role Model.

What do you receive as a Role Model Team member? 

As a member of The Role Model Team, you will receive a ton of perks that are only available to The Role Model Team including, but not limited to: a completely styled group photoshoot, as well as the opportunity for individual photoshoots throughout your senior year, SWAG (“stuff we all get” AKA – gifts from me!), your own individual senior portrait experience complete with professional hair and makeup, complete access to the DSP Senior Style Closet, a 2-3 hour photo shoot in multiple unique locations. You will receive tons of senior swag (“stuff we all get” – AKA – special gifts from me!), a 20% discount on your senior portrait collection, and a $50 credit towards your senior portrait collection for each booked referral you bring in (but this is not a requirement). Along with all of those incentives, you’ll also have the opportunity to serve the community for a great cause, make positive changes within your school, learn leadership skills, make a ton of new friends, and have an unforgettable senior portrait experience!

What does it cost to be on The Role Model Team? 

As a member of The Role Model Team, your initial investment is the Model Team fee of $350, which covers everything listed above.  While referrals are not a requirement of Role Model Team members, they will help off-set the cost of your portrait collection. In addition to the 20% discount you receive on your senior portrait collection, you will also receive a $50 credit for each of your friends that books their senior session with me! When your friends book their senior session, they will receive a 10% discount on their portrait collection.

How are the team members chosen?

The Role Model Team members will be chosen based on their answers to application essay questions regarding their character, personality, and drive to make a difference in the community.

Do I have to bring in referrals? 

Absolutely not! The sole purpose of this team is not to bring in referrals, but to set a positive example for other students in your school, give back to the community, make new friends, have a ton of fun, and be a part of something bigger than your senior year. You will be rewarded for any referrals you bring in, of course, but you are not required to at all.

How many girls will you be choosing for the 2018 Role Model Team?

I will be accepting 5-10 girls for the Class of 2018 Role Model Team.

What will The Role Model Team do to make a difference in the community? 

The Role Model Team members, with the help of Destinee Stark Photography, will plan a volunteer project to do together as a team. The volunteer project will be something that the girls are passionate about, which makes it so much more exciting for them! The girls will also be able to be add this volunteer project to their resumes for college and employment!

What other fun things will we be doing? 

In addition to the volunteer project and styled photoshoots, I plan to get the girls together for some team bonding and fun outings. We will do some really fun things like: movie nights, cupcake socials, and a Christmas party! It’s going to be a blast!

What will The Role Model Team do to make a difference in their schools?

They will be responsible for bringing positive vibes and good character into their schools while uplifting their classmates with encouragement, as well as abiding by DSP’s Code of Ethics.

What is the DSP Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics is a set of guidelines that each of The Role Model Team members must abide by. These guidelines are important because you are a representative of Destinee Stark Photography, therefore your social media must remain positive and kind at all times. I will not tolerate behaviors such as substance abuse, cyber or physical bullying, foul language use on social media, etc.